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International Sales and Selling

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International Sales and Selling

This course will be taught in English


*If you are in Colombia $3.700.000 COP

*If you are abroad USD 1.030

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Schedule: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

*The schedules and modality (virtual or blended) of the courses are subject to modifications according to the provisions of the National and District Government for the management of COVID 19. The dates and times of the sessions can be consulted at


The objective of this course is to introduce students to the many issues undertaken by salespeople in international settings, while learning to sell themselves, their company, and their products/services in countries worldwide, all within a socially responsible and ethical framework. Students will learn the basic tenets of adaptive, relationship selling in dealing with various sales situations and business cultures—as well as the power of SPIN selling to obtain commitment in larger, more complex transactions, while getting multiple chances to practice the art of presenting, selling, negotiating, and closing through numerous presentations and role-plays both in teams and individually.

Requirements: None

Este curso hace parte del portafolio de materias de pregrado y posgrado de la Universidad  abiertas a todo público.

Al participar en este curso podrás vivir la experiencia Uniandina, acceder a contenidos de calidad, tomar  clases con estudiantes regulares, acceder al sistema de bibliotecas de Uniandes y participar en las actividades culturales que esta Universidad te ofrece.


Carlton O’Neal

Carlton O’Neal is a professor of marketing at University of San Diego. He has a 25-year experience in technology, global entrepreneurship, marketing, sales and business development. He teaches marketing, business-to-business marketing and professional selling and sales. Previously, he held vice president and CEO positions with various startup and public technology companies in the U.S. and abroad, and pioneered the creation of the first commercial 4G standard in the world called WiMAX. O’Neal was involved in strategic planning and leadership including market targeting, positioning and differentiating, developing key early customers and partnerships and marketing and selling products and services. O’Neal began his career in various management positions at voicemail inventor Octel and AT&T, and practiced corporate, technology and securities law at Baker & Botts, the oldest and largest technology law firm in the southwest United States.


Eventualmente la Universidad puede verse obligada, por causas de fuerza mayor a cambiar sus profesores o cancelar el programa. En este caso el participante podrá optar por la devolución de su dinero o reinvertirlo en otro curso de Educación Continua que se ofrezca en ese momento, asumiendo la diferencia si la hubiere.

La apertura y desarrollo del programa estará sujeto al número de inscritos. El Departamento/Facultad (Unidad académica que ofrece el curso) de la Universidad de los Andes se reserva el derecho de admisión dependiendo del perfil académico de los aspirantes.